Backstage at Virgins 2006

This is one of our favourite backstage pics.  I love hanging around and taking shots – especially since the advent of digital means you can take tons in the low light and some of them will turn out as marvellously as this.  It’s kind of the way I like to write too – just put it out there and the magic comes with the editing later on.  Anyway, this pic turned up – it’s most of the cast of Virgins during the premiere season at the Tower Theatre at Malthouse in 2006.  In the pic are Verity, Kel, Andrew and Esther.  The rest of the cast were Amanda and Rosie who probably had to leave the tiny room when I brought my camera in.  What I love about this pic is the focus in the room – it’s taken at interval when the girls were getting out of the “porn” costumes into their “refugee” costumes.  Virgins was a tough show for the performers – 2 hours of full on belting, accents ranging from Russian to Zimbabwean, three different set and audience layouts – one of the other interval jobs was changing the entire seating bank for the audience while they were out getting their G&Ts.  But the girls coped beyond admirably and the show, which we’d pretty much written off after three years of workshops, became an impossible to get ticket.  What is particularly special about this show for me is how close the five girls have remained – we still have dinners and catchups and they’re all still in each other’s lives all the time.  And all five have continued on to remarkable careers in music theatre.

Love the Virgins!

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