Prodigal 2011 – Day 5

Last day of term before the long weekend.  Finished off talking through the script.  Adam had the multitask of the Zach breakup scene into the Kane faceup scene.  Interestingly Zach leaves quietly and Kane very loudly.  Pete talked through the Lullaby lyrics – I don’t think I’ve looked that closely at them since I wrote them in a spare room on top of three cardboard boxes that were a makeshift desk, 13 years ago.  I loved hearing Pete work through Harry’s though process of the song – it’s a gift when an actor puts their experience towards making your words come to life.  And does the work for you, rather than questioning everything.  The cast have been fantastic about taking on every line of the show and working it out themselves, rather than suggesting tweaks etc.

Then we got onto the final scene.  This is the most rewritten part of the show.  It’s such a tricky scene and I was reminded of why as soon as we got into it.  Essentially Luke is recovered, but stuck in the family house, no goals, no curiosity, and by the end of the scene decides to go back to Sydney and try again.  But by working every section and trying to figure out what his thought pattern is, it became clearer than ever what happens every step of the way.  The fear/anxiety he has about wanting more now, so he shuts down and is just “safe”.  I did use the unfortunate metaphor of “he’s like a wounded bird” which sent me into convulsions of laughter.  You’ve really got to commit to poetic language.

Picasso's Wounded Bird. If Luke is the bird, the cat is...? Life? Sydney? Party drugs?

But it was lovely to work on that scene and have it make clear emotional sense for the four people within in – how they’d affected each other over the course of the show, and come to peace, better than before.  We still have to talk about the elephant in the room – Kane, as ever.  What happens to him?  How much more does his story need to resolve? Pete and I had a simultaneous brainwave – I want the audience to know that Luke and Maddy will stay the night, without having Luke say, as he does now “I’m going to Sydney tomorrow”.  We went through the idea of Celia saying something about “let’s have dinner” but realised…the roles have changed now, maybe Harry could say something food-oriented?  And bang – we both thought “Let’s go down the pub – it’s Pots and Parma night.”  Sometimes magic happens.

And then we were done.  Blocking starts next week, the prodigal son himself returns from NYC and we actually start making performance art.  Can’t wait – Happy New Year!

See you soon Ed! Hope you liked Times Square! (nb: actually an Adelaide carpark)

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2 thoughts on “Prodigal 2011 – Day 5

  1. Haha!

    I have been following these every day! And then I saw this photo. You are hilarious! I lol-ed all over the shop.

    How was the party at your place?

    See you soon!

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