Prodigal 2011 – The Wrap Up

Prodigal ended its 2011 run last night just after 630pm.  Nothing signals the end of a season as definitively as the crew rushing in to disassemble the set; pulling down curtain rails that took four days to get right, wheeling out the water feature, putting the scaff pipes back into position, carrying out the free-standingContinue reading “Prodigal 2011 – The Wrap Up”

Prodigal 2011 – Opening Night

And at some point, you have to open.  You race, you rush, you determine that everything is going to come to this arbitrary point, and it does. How was Prodigal 2011 opening night?  It was tremendous.  Joyful, beautifully performed and flawless.  The miracle that occurred on opening night for Once We Lived Here occurred again.Continue reading “Prodigal 2011 – Opening Night”

Prodigal 2011 – Preview

The final ingredient was added tonight – the audience, of course.  You work your show for so long, refining acting choices, choosing the costumes, brainstorming a set and all racing towards creating the production.  But the last element, the one you have no control over, are those people that fill the 110 seats in yourContinue reading “Prodigal 2011 – Preview”

Prodigal 2011 – Midsumma Carnival

The Carnival couldn’t have bought better weather this year.  All of Melbourne gay pride was spread out over two levels of hillside for their day of the year.  Matt and I popped along to do sound check, which I’d generously let the actors sleep through.  I thought it might be amusing to sing “Brand NewContinue reading “Prodigal 2011 – Midsumma Carnival”

Prodigal 2011 – Day 17

Final day of floor rehearsals.  Hot, hot day in the room.  Even the aircon couldn’t banish the mugginess.  We worked through the show, jumping sections and working little areas – a lot of musical clean up this morning – some especially moving work from Peter in the “Lullaby”, Harry’s grief and pain etched on hisContinue reading “Prodigal 2011 – Day 17”