Prodigal 2011 – Day 11

The morning and the afternoon were quite different today.  Anne and Ed worked on the pub scene to start – where Celia goes to Luke and suggest keeping mum and coming home.  Always seems a simple scene, but to find the right variety, we worked for two hours on it.  Then into “Where Does It Get You” – a beautiful song, but necessary to talk out in great detail to avoid being generalised.  The vibe in the room was great, as Ed and Anne are focused and ego-less – completely happy to work the details for the 2hrs and 15mins they did without break.  It’s a pivotal scene, and brought me to the main theme of the show – family vs the individual, played here as Mum’s point being “just be calm and fit in” versus Son’s “I am what I am”.

We then started work on Ed’s part of the gay bashing with Stephen.  Got some foam mats up and set it with Caleb, me and Steve as the bashers (this really involved suspension of disbelief) attacking Ed on the beats of the music.  We did this until it felt refined then removed ourselves, as Ed has to be able to pull this off without anyone there.  It’s very water-based, which is  a week away, but looks great.

After lunch we added Chrissy’s piece to the mix.  They worked together well, and we moved on quickly to “Out of Myself”, styling up what Adam and Ed do in the club sequences.  I had expected this to be pretty quick, just a bit of dancing, but as we didn’t really want it to look like steps, we all had to work it out quite meticulously.  Over the course of a few hours we found a vernacular that worked well showing the progression from Zach showing Luke the wider gay world, to Luke seizing that, to Luke dominating with Zach pulling away.  There was a quite involved discussion about whether Luke was the top or the bottom, which was resolved by the fact that him being topped as Maddy walked in was the bolder statement about his decline.

We ended the day with a discussion about the the three mini-performance art pieces – Chrissy felt the middle one with the umbrella was too literal, which I agreed.  So we threw up ideas, Ed going very post-modern with his Lacan references – no answer, though.  Madness ensued as we finished the day with a clarifying of the the beach scene.  And then we got a day off.

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