Prodigal 2011 – Day 16

We had a temporary stopover at the Malthouse rehearsal room this morning, due to a double booking.  Being in the massive Hoopla room, with the rain still pouring down outside, it felt a little bit like a holiday.  Especially as we were working beats (pun not intended) rather than whole scenes.  I was focusing on areas from the run that still felt a little wonky or untouched.  Quite a grab bag.  We moved from speaking the lyrics to “Luke’s Epiphany”, to working out how exactly the cow rub in Maddy’s scene was going to work, jumped back to Kane’s flareup in Scene 1, forward to the crucial climax in Scene 7.  The actors know enough now about the show to be able to ramp up exactly where they are in a scene without needing to start at the top.  A lines run of the pub scene finished us off there and we conveyed to Balaclava for the afternoon.  Oh, and Ed brought in vegan pumpkin slice he’d baked overnight.

He can sing, act, dance, play the piano...and cook this yummy vegan slice?

Great news on lunch break – we made back budget before we opened – the first of our shows ever to achieve that.

Got some brilliant pics of the painting going on over at Kindred Studios, the use of which was kindly loaned by our friend Matt.  Joanna had Al Roberts, the designer Richard’s son over there doing rainbow graffiti on the Sydney side of our set – it looks fantastic.  He then did the same to Maddy’s final dress in the show.  Touched based with Jess to see how the rest of production was going – water feature is on track, aircon ordered, bump in ready to go 6am Monday…

Guerilla art made legal.

After lunch we focused on tightening the music in “Happy Families”, “Where Does It Get You” and the signs in “Brand New Eyes”.  Then we ran, with me recording it to make notes on timings of the video art, which I got a look at yesterday, and which Angus and Jo have done an amazing job of.  The run was tighter than yesterday, giving the actors to discover more about the show, their characters and sometimes where they didn’t know enough.  Had a jolly notes session and rode the train home with Chrissy where we talked about what a joyful experience we were having.  Final day of rehearsals tomorrow, then a celebration dinner before tech!

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