Prodigal 2011 – Day 17

Final day of floor rehearsals.  Hot, hot day in the room.  Even the aircon couldn’t banish the mugginess.  We worked through the show, jumping sections and working little areas – a lot of musical clean up this morning – some especially moving work from Peter in the “Lullaby”, Harry’s grief and pain etched on his face as he looks at his comatose son.  The run after lunch was wonderful – alive in all areas, and picking up emotional steam as we rolled through.  The cast is working as one organic unit now, breathing each moment together, and we’re in perfect shape to layer the design and technical elements over it.  It’s wonderful how much they enjoy watching each other from the sides in the scenes they’re not in – Adam was a mess watching the final scene.  Notes, then Rob and I looked over the lighting plan.  It’s exciting and challenging – Jo’s design gives very specific angles that you can and can’t light from – as well as making sure that no light hits the back wall and destroys the video art.  He’s using a lot of sidelight which excites me as I’ve never really used it before.

After that we all went out for drinks at the Local Taphouse to celebrate the end of this joyous and exploratory period.  Matty and I threw a barbecue back at our house for the cast and creative team, which went on till midnight with a lot of hilarious stories and red wine.

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