Prodigal 2011 – Midsumma Carnival

The Carnival couldn’t have bought better weather this year.  All of Melbourne gay pride was spread out over two levels of hillside for their day of the year.  Matt and I popped along to do sound check, which I’d generously let the actors sleep through.  I thought it might be amusing to sing “Brand New Eyes” though it turned out to be mortifying as I cracked, laughed and basically failed.  The only audience was Matt and the sound guy, so it didn’t hurt ticket sales.  Stopped by the European for brekky, then back for an interview with two radio hosts who knew nothing about me or the show, but shrieked when they found out I worked on Priscilla.  Phil Scott and Ed turned up to watch, so we sauntered back to ours for a clothing change (it was incredibly hot) then back for Ed, Chrissy and Adam to perform.

Matty had done backing tracks and those three sung the shit out of it.  It was so impressive that some of the Carnival attendees put down their drinks and faced the stage.  I have a video of a guy getting whiplash when Chrissy hits the first big note.

Ticket sales are booming, with the first four shows almost completely sold out, and the final four heading that way.  Ended the day watching Trevor do Liza’s Single Ladies at T Dance and being snuck into the VIP area.

We ended the day at Pony Fish Island supping on chicken stew in the middle of the Yarra.

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Dean Bryant and Mathew Frank make musicals. And other things.

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