Prodigal 2011 – Opening Night

And at some point, you have to open.  You race, you rush, you determine that everything is going to come to this arbitrary point, and it does.

How was Prodigal 2011 opening night?  It was tremendous.  Joyful, beautifully performed and flawless.  The miracle that occurred on opening night for Once We Lived Here occurred again.  You could just tell that from the first breath Ed took before “If you travel down the Princes Highway” that all was well in the world.  It was total star time.  Anne was on fire, closely followed by Chrissy.  The boys all enlarged their performances and there wasn’t a wasted moment in the show.  The curtains moved with pace, the lighting was gorgeous and we moved through the story beautifully.

The party afterwards, in the space, was so lovely.  Full of friends and co-workers, all who loved the show.  It was really moving talking to Amanda, the original Maddy, about her experience watching the show – and her husband, who has seen it so many times.  Meeting Ed’s folks, who didn’t know what they were coming to.  My parents, who have seen so many Prodigals and my nan, whose surname is taken for the show.

This show has surpassed our hopes, and reclaimed the piece in our hearts.  Already, there’s two raves on the internet sites, our friends and fellow workers adore it, but above all – I look at the show and say – wow, deciding to write with Matty was the best decision of my life.  This show, our first, exemplifies what we love to do, and what we will continue to do for the rest of our life.

I’ll probably do a wrap-up after the season, but for now, all I can say is – Come along, this musical is beautiful, truthful and why we are who we are.

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Dean Bryant and Mathew Frank make musicals. And other things.

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