Prodigal 2011 – Day 12

First lap completed.  We finished today with the final first block (the half-completed Luke coming home into “Love Them and Leave Them Alone”) – appropriately tense and vile.  I said goodbye to all, and then Adam said “what about the four lines after the song?” I had forgotten, as I always do – that KaneContinue reading “Prodigal 2011 – Day 12”

Prodigal 2011 – Day 7

A full house, finally!  Ed turned up, looking remarkably fresh-faced and somehow managed to invigorate all the non-jetlagged people in the room.  Luckily that’s what his role is in the show as well, so – good casting!  We had choreographer Andrew Hallsworth, my dear friend and collaborator on Priscilla, Drowsy, Officer, Britney and Newley comeContinue reading “Prodigal 2011 – Day 7”

Prodigal 2011 – Day 6

In our actual rehearsal venue today – The Entertainment Store in Balaclava.  An inauspicious beginning as Chrissy and I decided to have amazing vegetarian and coffees at Monk Bodhi Dharma as we’d given ourselves half an hour before rehearsals to do so.  They assured us it would be fine, though seemed slightly scattered about whatContinue reading “Prodigal 2011 – Day 6”