Priscilla 2011 – Broadway – Dress rehearsals

The final stage of any theatre production is dress rehearsals.  Everything is added (except the audience) at this point.  Usually overwhelming on Priscilla, it was kind of a breeze this time, well out front anyway.  I hear backstage is frenzied hysteria.  They’re doing a very good job of hiding it as everyone comes out lookingContinue reading “Priscilla 2011 – Broadway – Dress rehearsals”

Priscilla 2011 – Broadway – Day 10

Sitzprobe.  What a strange term.  I’ve been part of them for over a decade without really exploring where the word came from.  It sounds painful…well, certainly without having a few drinks first.  Surprisingly, it’s usually one of the least painful and most enjoyable days of the tech period.  It’s when the full band is introducedContinue reading “Priscilla 2011 – Broadway – Day 10”

Priscilla 2011 – Broadway – Day 9

Our rehearsal drummer, Warren, was added back to the pit today and the difference it made was tremendous.  Suddenly it sounded like a big musical again – which is odd, really, because it’s just keys and kit – but the show pounded to life and performances picked up everywhere, influenced by the percussion. Spent theContinue reading “Priscilla 2011 – Broadway – Day 9”

Priscilla 2011 – Broadway – Day 8

Favourite moment of the day has to be a story related by Tony Sheldon.  Meeting the new Benjis (the 7 year old) can be tricky – usually we introduce them at tech/dress time, and the way the costumes look onstage isn’t always how they look in the wing.  You might have some makeup on, aContinue reading “Priscilla 2011 – Broadway – Day 8”

Priscilla 2011 – Broadway – Day 7

Today was my birthday.  And as Simon pointed out over the God mic at the end of rehearsal “there has been more effort put into celebrating Dean Bryant’s fucking birthday than getting this show on!”  Which was lovely.  And semi-true.  It was a bit overwhelming.  The tech started with the Divas flying in to doContinue reading “Priscilla 2011 – Broadway – Day 7”

Priscilla 2011 – Broadway – Day 6

Today was the dressing of Act Two.  It went really smoothly.  So smoothly that we finished an hour early.  Which was good considering I was having my birthday drinks after rehearsal.  Nothing like gaining an hour of gin gimlet time. I got to the theatre early, thinking I’d do a little work before we started.Continue reading “Priscilla 2011 – Broadway – Day 6”

Priscilla 2011 – Broadway – Day 4 and 5

We slowed down a little in tech this afternoon – so much is exactly the same as Toronto that you tend to whip ahead, but things like the balcony overhang are different, so we stopped to figure out how to best hang and light the Divas in “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”.  After half anContinue reading “Priscilla 2011 – Broadway – Day 4 and 5”

Priscilla 2011 – Broadway – Day 3

Today started so well.  And continued that way.  Which means I’ve now jinxed tech.  The good luck sign was finding a coffee shop on Manhattan that does world-class coffee.  By world-class I mean a level of coffee than an Aussie would drink without spitting it into the gutter.  I admit, last trip, I gave inContinue reading “Priscilla 2011 – Broadway – Day 3”

Priscilla 2011 – Broadway – Day 2

Is there anything better than a 730am start?  Yes.  Not being able to sleep the night before, due to panicking about having to be up at 730am.  The team gathered at the rather sophisticated Alvin Ailey Studios this morning to set up and rehearse for the Media Launch.  The cast turned up at 8am, withContinue reading “Priscilla 2011 – Broadway – Day 2”

Priscilla 2011 – Broadway – Day 1

I flew in Saturday night and for once there wasn’t traffic coming into Manhattan.  My body didn’t know what time it was, being caught somewhere between Melbourne, Milan and Manhattan.  Being back in the same apartment as rehearsals last year helped, and being the anal organisiste that I am, I unpacked and put away allContinue reading “Priscilla 2011 – Broadway – Day 1”