Next to Normal – MTC – Week 1

There’s nothing like diving into a show with both feet.  In fact, that’s a paraphrase of a line Diana has during “Just Another Day”, describing what looks to be a fairly awful day through the eyes of her approaching mania.  My version of that was diving into rehearsals of the Australian premiere of this showContinue reading “Next to Normal – MTC – Week 1”

Priscilla 2011 – Broadway – Opening Night

I’m not sure I ever imagined I’d get to type “Broadway” and “Opening Night” in the same line.  The magic of opening nights was pretty much dreamed up on that strip of 11 or so blocks in the middle of Manhattan.  Ever since I used to read the Yearbook that World Book Encylopedia put outContinue reading “Priscilla 2011 – Broadway – Opening Night”

Priscilla 2011 – Broadway – Mid Previews

Previews are exhilarating and exhausting in equal measure.  You’re finally playing the show you’ve been working on for years to a real, paying audience, and getting the laughter, applause and riotous standing ovations (if you’re lucky, and we’re charmed thus far) but you’re also hyper-aware of how little time there is left to make thisContinue reading “Priscilla 2011 – Broadway – Mid Previews”

Priscilla 2011 – Broadway – 1st Preview

2000 people roaring with delight at the enjoyment they’ve just had is pretty loud.  We couldn’t have asked for a better response, or a better show than the first Broadway preview of Priscilla.  Technically flawless, the show flowed from disco ball drop to party-on-down at the curtain, met with laughter, applause and genuine focus prettyContinue reading “Priscilla 2011 – Broadway – 1st Preview”