Next to Normal – MTC – Plotting

Plotting is very much like it’s homophyn – plodding.  I guess it’s the technical twin of the first block – you wade through, questioning every moment, getting everything to work together and make sense, and then one day a moment will play and look effortless.  We’ve done two days of plotting now – the partContinue reading “Next to Normal – MTC – Plotting”

Next to Normal – MTC – Final Days on the Floor

The last two days in the rehearsal room were lovely.  The set had gone, so full attention could be given to the actors and not our diva trucks.  The room felt massive without the Goodman house in there.  It’s currently being reassembled on the stage of the Playhouse, where it looks amazing.  And huge. WorkedContinue reading “Next to Normal – MTC – Final Days on the Floor”

Next to Normal – MTC – Company Run

The Company Run is one of the wonderful traditions of most state theatre companies, and from what I understand the MTC ones are particularly great (my experience is that, anyway) due to the family feel of the company.  Today was ours for Next to Normal.  I was excited, though I know the cast was aContinue reading “Next to Normal – MTC – Company Run”

Next to Normal – MTC – Day 21

I don’t know if was the Tim Tams at break, or the three coffees, but something smoothed this day out and everything worked today.  Not the automated platforms, but I don’t consider them part of my experience yet.  We started with a vaguely intense choreography session, working “I’m Alive” and “Wish I Were Here”.  AndyContinue reading “Next to Normal – MTC – Day 21”

Next to Normal – MTC – Day 20

Memorable things that happened today – Bert’s Dr Fine accent – a bold choice that went very Kermit the Frog halfway through.  A real challenge for all involved to stay focused. Andy making me be his partner for the “Plug me in” movement section.  I do not know the steps.  I cannot do the steps.Continue reading “Next to Normal – MTC – Day 20”

Next to Normal – MTC – Day 17 and 18

Week 3 of the show drew to a close with a very definite deadline – chiefly, finishing the blocking of Act 2 and having it be in a good enough state to run smoothly by lunchtime Saturday. Friday we tackled “Light” in the morning – working very specifically on the text so that each characterContinue reading “Next to Normal – MTC – Day 17 and 18”

Next to Normal – MTC – Day 16

It was blissful weather in Melbourne today.  I don’t know if research has ever been done on the effect great weather has on mood and productivity (surely?) but I strode purposefully into MTC with my week’s playlist going (Hang With Me/Hello/Dancing On My Own/Fading), ready to get at the last third of Act Two. I’dContinue reading “Next to Normal – MTC – Day 16”

Next to Normal – MTC – Day 15

There are things that no director can prepare themselves for.  The shock is that great.  I walked into the room, unwarned about what would be waiting for me. Bert LaBonte was wearing a wig. It was a good attempt at giving him some gravitas, but unfortunately the fringe was just a little short, like heContinue reading “Next to Normal – MTC – Day 15”

Next to Normal – MTC – Day 14

I kind of missed the dancing today.  We’re into the section of the show that moves between the Goodman kitchen, where the results of Diana’s ECT become known to the family and her dealings with her psychotherapist about that.  They’re scenes that could be played sitting down, but of course, as truthful as that mightContinue reading “Next to Normal – MTC – Day 14”