Next to Normal – MTC – Day 19

Week 4.  A nice place to be.  The slog of the first block done, but not close enough yet to tech to feel stressed about that stage.  We get the chance to really detail and work the whole show this week in the context of knowing where we’re going at each point.  The PR machine is kicking in, interviews are starting to happen, the Arts Centre has a billboard over it, The Age is running the ads now, the chatboards are full of opinions – you can feel the show coming.

The day was spent working through the first 2/3 of Act 1.  Popped up to costume to discuss Natalie and Diana’s hair throughout the show.  Richard had some questions about the music box after the run on Saturday – we decided to give it some moulding to make it more special.  I mean, we’re using a $7 Barbie pink one at the moment, so nothing could be less special.

After work went to opening of “In the Next Room, or The Vibrator Play” at the Sumner.  Hilarious first act, and a beautiful production by Pamela Rabe.  Jacqueline McKenzie and Helen Thomson particularly wonderful.  Interesting tone change at interval.  Looked around and realised, we’re next.

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