Next to Normal – MTC – Day 20

Memorable things that happened today –

  • Bert’s Dr Fine accent – a bold choice that went very Kermit the Frog halfway through.  A real challenge for all involved to stay focused.
  • Andy making me be his partner for the “Plug me in” movement section.  I do not know the steps.  I cannot do the steps.  This is not helpful to anyone.  Except Christopher Guest.
  • Kate tucking her nightie into the track pants to enable a quick change to happen.  You really can’t hide that much material.
  • Matt dressing Kate in said scene.  More “Dial M for Murder” than “Next to Normal”
  • Jess managing to throw the birthday cake across the room in a quick set change.
  • Sandwiches.
  • Gareth, Matt and Bert giving it Boyz II Men on “Though they don’t know how it’s done”
  • The perfect visuals in “Perfect For You”
  • The “hilarious” news that Diana needed ECT

A work day.  Work was done.  The show progressed.

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Dean Bryant and Mathew Frank make musicals. And other things.

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