Next to Normal – MTC – Day 13

Don’t bother combing back over the entries for days 1-12.  They were during the Gastro Crisis of 2011 where the only thing I could do after rehearsals was talk my stomach out of returning it’s contents the wrong way.  But I learned that work, rather than being a task that cruelly dragged me from myContinue reading “Next to Normal – MTC – Day 13”

Next to Normal – MTC – Week 2

Time inside and outside of rehearsals passes very differently.  Inside it feels like we’ve been piecing together the story of the Goodmans for a while.  The methodical work, discoveries and many, many meetings give a density to the time spent on the show.  But when you say to a friend outside, “We just ran ActContinue reading “Next to Normal – MTC – Week 2”