Next to Normal – 2011 – MTC – Opening and onwards

If you’ve ever read one of my blogs about opening nights, you’ll find that they’re usually magical evenings where the actors and stars align (Rhonda, Pamela, Sigrid…) and the show you’ve been imagining for months comes to life in front of your peers, friends and family.  Next to Normal was the highest stakes opening I’veContinue reading “Next to Normal – 2011 – MTC – Opening and onwards”

Next to Normal – MTC – Tech Week and Previews

A week has passed.  Since last we met, the actors hadn’t even been on the set, and now they’re playing the show for over 700 people every night.  Time moves so quickly sometimes.  This week has been exhilarating and exhausting in equal measures, but the show that my team and I have dreamed about sinceContinue reading “Next to Normal – MTC – Tech Week and Previews”