Priscilla 2011 – Milano – Day 2

The rehearsal room is so massive but it’s kind of cool, actually.  There’s  a lot of space.  It feels like a movie, even though there’s no cameras.  We did “Raining Men” all day and Natalie is a genius at reproduction.  It was…awe inspiring.  It’s such a complicated number, traffic-wise, and she knows the ins and outs and whipped that number into shape quick-smart.  The men were great – I was really happy to see that the whole eight who dance in the number are fantastic at it.  Andrea, who plays Miss Understanding, is fantastic at timing himself to the music – knowing when to slow and when to speed – he’ll be marvellous, I can just tell.

Antonello came in this afternoon as Tick – he’s utterly charming, serious-minded and has a wonderful smile.  He takes direction like a dream, too.  We spent some time figuring out how to lip sync while your hands do puppet-lip-syncing – me, Antonello and Toto (our resident director) all played in the mirror along with the cast recording, figuring out how to make all our extremities work together.  It’s complex, but once you start doing it, not as hard as it seems.  It was harder to figure out how to get the suitcase to drop open on cue, actually.  Tick needs to come in and his suitcase drops open – but the prop hadn’t been tricked up to do that so…acting!

Natalie is great with the cast and her University Italian is coming back very quickly I think.  My University French would not be, I think.  All in all, a very productive day that ended in a great number.  Went out to dinner with Brian (our designer), Natalie, Kirsten and Garry to our favourite local restaurant where we had great wine, cheese and meat.

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