Priscilla 2011 – Milano – Day 5

Another music call day so not much for me to do today.  And it was glorious outside, so even better!  The room was split from the start, Fabio (our MD) taking the ensemble for clean up of songs learned thus far and Spud with the three principals learning “True Colours” and “Journey”.  They have a wonderful blend and sound absolutely beautiful together – plus they really got into the sentiment of the song from the start.  So happy with the cast!  The Journey was a test to see if the new Italian dialogue still fitted the assigned musical spaces, but luckily it did – easily, actually.  I might have to slow them down, really get them to savour the campery.

I went and scheduled the next 4 weeks of floor rehearsals to make sure that we’d be running by the right stage.  A very rigorous process, imagining how long a particular group of people will need to work on a scene or a song and factoring in starting new numbers at particular times, mini-runs and all that.  I worked out a version that I thought practical and achievable and Natalie and I tweaked it together over un capucine.

We ran the two numbers we’d staged after lunch – still looking good – tons of detail work to do, which is to be expected, but promising, nonetheless.  I wandered over to the costume drawing wall – there’s about 200 pictures up there and got chatting to Big Gianluca, who plays Frank. He pointed to the picture of James in the Lizard and said “Ever since I watch this clip on internet two month ago I pray, please let me be Lizard”.  See, prayers do get answered!  Especially in Italy.  I also showed him the breakdown of how the “Material Girl” costumes come off (down to the diamante g-string).  His response “My girlfriend will be very happy”.

There is a gentleness about the men here that is adorable – everyone of them is passionate yet soft.  And everyone is so stylish in rehearsals – they’re still in trackies and sneakers, but somehow the layering is perfect, the scarf on the right angle, the hair just so.  I think it’s unconscious even.

You very much lose track of time though, working and living on campus.  It’s Friday night here, and you have no sense of it at all – every night seems like the same.  However, tonight was the night I made gnocchi bolognese, so that probably gave it some distinction.

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