Priscilla 2011 – Milano – Week Five

This was the week devoted to polishing.  With the first full run on Saturday, the aim of the week was to go through every moment of the show and clean the choreography, the blocking, refine choices, find new choices, fix those little moments that you’ve been letting slide for weeks.  It’s actually a fun weekContinue reading “Priscilla 2011 – Milano – Week Five”

Priscilla 2011 – Milano – Week Four – Saturday

The room was abuzz this morning as I entered.  Even though technically nothing was different from any of the days of the four weeks prior, the fact that we were about to do our first full run of the show (minus bows) had clearly gotten everyone into a mode closer to what doing an actualContinue reading “Priscilla 2011 – Milano – Week Four – Saturday”

Priscilla 2011 – Milano – Week 4 – Thursday

The energy in the room was flagging today, as we staged “Finally”, the last number in the show, so I decided it was time for fun.  Everyone in the cast lined up on the two sides of the stage and had to strut across in heels expressing their fierce drag personality, a la Tyra Banks’Continue reading “Priscilla 2011 – Milano – Week 4 – Thursday”

Priscilla 2011 – Milano – Week 4 – Tuesday

Sometimes this blog must seem a little Pollyanna-ish, that everything is amusing, wry or inspiring and nothing ever seems to go wrong on the shows I work on and write about.  In fact, every day frustrating things happen, there are arguments, you doubt that an actor is going to get there, a prop turns upContinue reading “Priscilla 2011 – Milano – Week 4 – Tuesday”

Priscilla 2011 – Milano – Week Four – Monday

We have a song in Priscilla that focuses entirely on cupcakes.  It’s pretty much notorious now, iconic even, but once upon a time it was just Simon Phillips in a cab saying to me “I think we should do “MacArthur Park” and then have the ensemble come on dresses as cupcakes…”  I enquired about theContinue reading “Priscilla 2011 – Milano – Week Four – Monday”

Priscilla 2011 – Milano – Week 3 – Saturday

We wrapped up the end of week three with a run of what we’ve completed in Act 2.  Quite a lot, as it turns out – at least half of the second act.  We spent the day working on the “Hot Stuff” sequence.  Mirko looked particularly fetching in his Felicia getup today – big sneakers,Continue reading “Priscilla 2011 – Milano – Week 3 – Saturday”

Priscilla 2011 – Milano – Week 3 – Thursday

Lots of exciting things happening in the room this week.  Firstly, the fact that we didn’t have to rehearse on Tuesday – being All Saints Day (is that the actual name, or a holiday I wish occurred where everyone was given free samples from the latest range?).  In any case, except for a production meetingContinue reading “Priscilla 2011 – Milano – Week 3 – Thursday”