Priscilla 2011 – Milano – Week 4 – Thursday

The energy in the room was flagging today, as we staged “Finally”, the last number in the show, so I decided it was time for fun.  Everyone in the cast lined up on the two sides of the stage and had to strut across in heels expressing their fierce drag personality, a la Tyra Banks’ advice on America’s Next Top Model.  It was fun, freeing and there were some serious divas in there.  Maurizo (Bob) was actually very impressive – he completely threw himself in.  Andrea V (Miss U) and Cesar (Jimmy) were unsurprisingly straight off the catwalk, but lots of great, fun stuff.  Nicola (our Pastor) was actually great in heels.  I don’t think it was his first time.

After that the four Benjis came in to be introduced to the cast.  They are adorable – it’s always so hard to find the right sort of kids, but when you do they add such a great energy to the room.  Toto is rehearsing them (the first time I haven’t had to!) and apparently they’re all naturals and doing great.  I think seeing the cast giving it in “Finally” may have been quite the introduction to Priscilla.  They’ve all seen the movie, Toto said, and spent the day talking about Bernadette asleep on the cake and yelling “Mitzi!” to each other.

So, for all intents and purposes, the show is done.  Bravo to Natalie who has learned an incredible amount of intricate choreography so quickly and in such a detailed and spirited way.  This process would be unthinkable without her.

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