Britney and Madonna

I never intended to write about Britney or Madonna.  I am a gay, so have loved them since they turned up on the scene.  I’m pretty sure Madonna was always around in my life, me being 34 and she being 450, but Britney only popped into my life second year at WAAPA.  I have aContinue reading “Britney and Madonna”

Priscilla 2011 – Milano – What Happened Next

And then the show opened. This is a fact.  Priscilla is now playing in Milano to rapturous audiences that are building each week.  The biggest show to play Italy is now going up eight times a week at the Teatro Ciak, or Priscilla Palace, as it’s been renamed. How it got there?  Well, that wasContinue reading “Priscilla 2011 – Milano – What Happened Next”