Why I Haven’t Blogged

1. Laziness.

2. I was working.

3. I was working on “An Officer and a Gentleman”.

4. Then I was developing new stuff.  Stuff that I didn’t want to talk about because if it doesn’t happen you feel like a dweeb.  Plus people steal ideas; Apple didn’t even invent the iPhone, it was that guy who sells The Big Issue on the corner of Queen and Collins.  He told me.

5. Then I did Producers.  Which was actually awesome in every single way, so I might do a belated blog on that.

6. I’ve been thinking a lot about people who read blogs – not fans, friends or family, but people who report on the arts industry.  I started to wonder a lot about whether me writing about the process, which is kind of a fun insider journey for a lot of people, might actually end up giving them yet another brickbat to hit you with. “Oh, the DIRECTOR thinks he and SOME ACTOR have had a breakthrough, well, let me rain on that parade.  I’ll be the one deciding who’s had breakthroughs or not!”  I kind of went into the zone of just put the work out there and leave it at that.

7. I tweet,  facebook, and instagram every single day.  Writing a blog felt like I was back at Melbourne University.  “How many words?  300!  I’ll be up all night!”

8. There’s so much good television out there at the moment.  Game of Thrones alone sapped the leisure time that wasn’t taken up by drinking, and then there was Downton Abbey, Girls and Revenge.  Ok, I gave up on Revenge seven eps in, but for a while I was a real flagwaver.

9. A bit of doubt of late.  Sure, it creeps in for everyone who makes stuff up.  But a bit of doubt puts you off creating, and then puts you off blogging about creating, because really, why write about the process of something that you feel like you might not be processing in any way worth accessing?

10. Laziness.

Anyway, since I last blogged I have been very busy, so it’s not like I’ve been absent from the world of theatre, just from the reportage.  I’ll still be affected by many of the ten points above, but fuck it, if you write from your heart you’ll be fine.  So, I’m off to St Vincent’s to get one, and then I’ll keep on blogging.

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Dean Bryant and Mathew Frank make musicals. And other things. www.bryantandfrank.com www.mybrilliantcareermusical.com www.deanjamesbryant.com

2 thoughts on “Why I Haven’t Blogged

  1. Loved “Britney: The Cabaret”! Loved “The Producers”! Can’t wait for “A Funny Thing Happened…”! We have a lot to thank you for, Dean!

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