On the cancellation of the 2020 Rob Guest Endowment and the events that led to it;

No one likes getting criticised, especially when they are attempting to do good work.  I certainly don’t.  But if you are serious about wanting to grow, to live as full a life as you have the potential to, you need to listen to criticism – especially when  the exact same message is coming from aContinue reading “On the cancellation of the 2020 Rob Guest Endowment and the events that led to it;”

Things I Did, Things I Saw

  Rehearsals started yesterday on the first 2016 show of the year – Little Shop of Horrors. Started with a meet and greet, and then a design meeting – which I found slightly hard to take seriously after satirising the process in my last show of 2015, Jerry’s Girls. Having talked about and stared atContinue reading “Things I Did, Things I Saw”

Blondes Might Have More Fun, But Who Cares?

The process of creating a new show for a Festival can be a tricky one. Festivals tend to plan their brochures many months in advance, and if you’re making a world premiere the show you plan to do may not exist at all at the point you’re required to title, summarise and photograph it. WhichContinue reading “Blondes Might Have More Fun, But Who Cares?”

The Particular Pleasures of a One-Person Play

Having done a ton of highly populated and hugely technical musicals, the challenges of I’ll Eat You Last: A Chat with Sue Mengers weren’t necessarily apparent on a first read. In rehearsals I’m used to there never being enough time and having to push forward constantly to even be ready by tech (where the set,Continue reading “The Particular Pleasures of a One-Person Play”

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Korea?

Priscilla shouldn’t have worked in Seoul. When we auditioned we really struggled to find the sort of actors that we need to do this show – diverse, sexy and unique performers who aren’t afraid to be all things. We also figured out, during auditions, that Korea doesn’t really talk about homosexuality – they don’t judgeContinue reading “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Korea?”

3 months, 3 shows, 3 cities

Someone says in Into The Woods “Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor” – I’m hazarding a guess with Jack’s mother.  That piece of Lapine wisdom has always stuck with me and led me to pretty much say yes to anything that looks exciting career-wise, in case it doesn’t pass me by again.  During the visitContinue reading “3 months, 3 shows, 3 cities”