Priscilla 2011 – Milano – Week Two – Thursday

Started the day with a fairly crisp run of the first 25 minutes of the show.  Everyone did a fairly great job at keeping the flow going, especially stage management.  It felt like the start of Priscilla does, ie, that it goes gangbusters, song by song, moment by moment, joke by joke.  The only real hiccup was trying to get the stairs in for the top of “Material Girl” and the girls to realise they go straight from the Funeral scene to sing the song.

After that we started choreographing the main part of “Go West”.  This meant we got to use the rehearsal bus for the first time, which has been constructed out of several platforms and works really smoothly.  This number is essentially a cavalcade of marching in various formations, with the motivation of cheerful Mardi Gras parade amateurs.  The Swedish gobbledegook had the advantage here of sounding like every other production in the world.  I decided to give the Lars’ the following motivations under the dialogue to help them –

“Unzi bunzi in der uberkulen Ootback, Adam” = “Have fun in the Outback, Adam”

“Fruschne birde hurdi gurdi in der sieben fut fut” = “Don’t forget to check the engine regularly”

“Hurdi gurdi un de furdi in der unzi bunzi boit boit” = “That was great sex, we all really enjoyed it”

Ja, ja!

Three swarthy Italian Lars’ aren’t the most believable Scandinavians, but they are definitely eye-candy.  A Lars Bar indeed.

In the afternoon we began the Journey.  This has been nicely clarified over the course of years – it used to be a nightmare of drink filling and glass passing but has since turned into a very simple version.  The best part of the journey was getting the covers to stand in for the road signs and the roadkill.  They were adorable!

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