Prodigal 2011 – Day 15

And then you have the days when you get the privilege of watching wonderful actors bring your show to life.  The run this afternoon was joyous – everything made sense, had emotional weight, was funny and interesting – all six of those people were real people.  It’s hard to put into words how wonderful it is to see a show you imagined when you were 21 years old seem so fresh and alive, 13 years later.

Hopefulness aged 21

The day started with a photo shoot in St Kilda for The Age.  Matt and me in the drizzle being photographed on a yacht bridge.  We’d been shot there for The Australian 11 years ago, in a story that never ran.  Fingers crossed we’ll see the outcome of the shoot this time.

We did great work all morning – finding new humour in the pub scene, and emotional weight in the Kane/Harry scene.  Trimmed a few of the lines in the final scene that pushed us into sitcom territory – just losing three jokes made a world of difference to what was important.  I gave Ed some direction for the final two verses – to use the set that I was forced to leave in place (Flannery kitchen) as it was too clunky to move one more time, as if he were saying goodbye to it.  He entered, and neatly put in place Dad’s remote – just that tiny detail was so moving.

Lunched.  Got props.  Saw costumes – Zach’s skintight jeans are something to behold.  Jo wants Luke in pastel, so I think I’ll end up costuming him from my wardrobe.  I do have a lot.

Then we ran – we had Tom Healey in, who directed a wonderful production at BAPA a few years ago.  Having him in the room gave us a sense of focus and newness that helped.  Two more days on the floor – then…TECH!!!!!


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