Prodigal 2011 – Day 18

Highlights from Bump In –

The curtain rails finally up after Jo and Fabian worked on them from 6am-8pm.

The Master showing Aleksa and James the manly art of roof building.

The door that Dave and Pommy banged together for us and delivered.

The water feature – it’s quite fun to lie in and very sturdy.  And The Master did a great job of the stain.

Rob flicking through the lights – some beautiful ones in the space.

Shopping for lumber and bolts in Bunnings while simultaneously making a group booking at Cumulus Inc for opening night dinner.

Caleb bringing a Family Size pack of Retro Party Mix lollies and producing it at 930pm.

Turning spunky overalls into sexy high fashion overalls.

Putting the tables and chairs onto the floor.  They look so pretty.

Getting told my show “I’m Every Woman” won Best Cabaret Production at the Sydney Theatre Awards at 6.45pm.

Walking into 45 Downstairs and realising, yet again, how beautiful it is and how much I love being in it.

Lowlights from Bump In?

Always the hardest day of the rehearsal process.  Nothing ever works, looks good, fits together, runs to schedule or gives you the faith that a good production is about to occur.  And then, 48 hours later, one does.


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