Priscilla 2011 – Broadway – Day 4 and 5

We slowed down a little in tech this afternoon – so much is exactly the same as Toronto that you tend to whip ahead, but things like the balcony overhang are different, so we stopped to figure out how to best hang and light the Divas in “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”.  After half an hour in the air, the title of the number gets rather ironic.  Jackie questioned whether we were actively trying to ruin her sex life.

The Coober Pedy barrel roll was about as disastrous as the day got.  Some of the cast had forgotten to come onstage so barrels were rolled out one wing and then disappeared into the other wing, unstopped.  It was like that train movie that’s out a the moment.  Unstoppable.  But not as dramatic.  Though shorter.  I digress.

We completed the show about two hours earlier than the schedule, so had a look at the new “Raining Men” costumes under the light, then all got an early mark.  Instead of teching we had tequila.

The next day was the beginning of the dress.  We anticipated slowing down here, as the costume changes are torturous the first few times.  But somehow, even with an entirely new team of dressers, we absolutely sped through the areas that usually hold us up (into Funeral, into Material Girl/Venus, especially into Nightlife for the leads…)  It was so impressive that Simon congratulated the team over the God mic.  (The god mic is the microphone that God gets to use.  God is the director.  Or maybe it’s because it sounds like the voice of God in the auditorium).

There’s been some wonderful work on the costumes – the Funeral ones have been extra-sparkled (with a rather amusing Elvis costume for Jessica) – and the ever-changing day clothes have been sorted.  Day clothes are interesting on Priscilla – it’s not what anyone remembers about the show, what with the paintbrushes, cupcakes and cockatoos, but they’re really the costumes we see most of, seeing as they’re what our three leads wear in “normal” scenarios.

An example of day clothes. And a "normal" scenario.

The rehearsal continued and we made our way through the show, into paintbrushes, into Gumbies.  Nate, our ASM, wandered over to the creatives desk during the afternoon, carrying a bunch of flowers.  The tension quickened – who would they be for?  And yes, our 14 year anniversary had been recognised by Mathew, by sending me universally loved lilies (That’s the sequel to Thoroughly Modern Millie).  After a gastronomically successful dinner at Bond 45, we reconvened for a fantastic tweak on “Raining Men” where Andy lined up the men as a proper rainbow – ROYGBIV-style – for their entrance.

Then our first run of Act 1 in costumes.  Pretty flawless, already looking a million bucks, which is good, as we cost 15.  The laptop was fired up, notes were taken and we celebrated with bloody mary’s at Bar Centrale.

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