Priscilla 2011 – Broadway – Day 6

Today was the dressing of Act Two.  It went really smoothly.  So smoothly that we finished an hour early.  Which was good considering I was having my birthday drinks after rehearsal.  Nothing like gaining an hour of gin gimlet time.

I got to the theatre early, thinking I’d do a little work before we started.  There is a strange rule here, however, that the power can’t be turned on before a certain person arrives.  Not the general power, though, there is still lights, heating etc, just the power that we’re using for our laptops and the internet.  I think this is bizarre.  No idea if it’s a house rule or a union rule.  Working around the world on Priscilla you learn so much about the strange and varied practises of theatre crews.  For example in Canada the actors have ten minute breaks, but the crew have fifteen minute breaks.  Ok, but the actors aren’t allowed on the stage unless the crew is back from break.  Even to walk across the stage.  So essentially everyone is forced to take fifteen minute breaks.

A cold is running around the theatre, and Will was attacked today.  Said cold attacked me a day later, which was a thrilling way to spend the day off.  As a result, Will sang everything down the octave.  When we don’t have a Benji I read the role over the God mic, including singing the duet.  I did some pretty amazing melismas today as compensation.

Simon gave the male ensemble the haircut talk.  Ie, that you have to keep in mind how your hair looks for Nightlife above all, one of the only unwigged numbers in the show (for the boys), and the one scene that has to look, well, daggy.  It’s a little high fashion amongst the boys at the moment.  It’s more likely that the queens would walk into the bar and get squeals of joy and shots bought for them.

The magic cloth is still proving unmagical.  It’s a fairly low tech part of the show – basically a curtain that just goes back and forth across the stage during the floor show, but it continues to prove difficult (and has since Toronto).  It just does not want to behave – getting caught, not going fully off, showing the performers getting into place.  Meanwhile the bus behaves like a pro, hitting her marks every time.

Dinner was spent reviewing the minor script tweaks for previews.  There’s a couple of things being balanced for comprehension, for better character work, for comedy, all the usual stuff.  Previews are a week away, and we’ll be trying all these during those three weeks, but it’s good to get some order into what we’re trying to achieve.  Came back, ran Act Two, then hit Centrale, Bar Tini and Casa del Schepis.  And finally, the sack.

No exciting pics for today, so I thought I’d include a select gallery of celebs spotted at Centrale during our visits.

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